New single: "DeAD ALIVE" IS oUT!

Who we are:

MIY forges industrial metal, blending dark synthscapes with heavy riffs and crushing beats since 2018.

Raised in the early 2000s, the duo takes influence from prominent artists of the gothic and alternative scene, to resonate with their own vision of darkness and light.

The band members are Gábor Bándi (HU, vocals, bass, synth, guitars) and Sophie Joiris (BE, guitars, vocals). 

Expressing a fathomless depth of emotions via their songs, MIY seeks to delve in the depths of the human mind, and ignite a flame when all light is gone. The band is based in Luxembourg, constantly working on new songs of darkness and light. 

"Where death is sold as heaven, we seek the hell of life. 
Where hate is sold as virtue, we seek the sin of love. 
Where ignorance is bliss, we seek the curse of wisdom. 
Where the shallow is desired, we seek the deepest sky. 
Where we are the dark, let darkness be our light."

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